Rewind 2015 cover.png

Rewind 2015

Music from Studio 225

H.B. Beal Secondary School

London, Ontario

1. One Thousand Lines

Students of AMM 4M1

This project was entirely student-driven under the direction of two very creative and inspiring student producers – Jack Phoenix and Lliam Buckley. All 30 students had a hand in making this song a reality within a very tight timeframe (10 hours). The end result, I’m sure you will agree, is a great success.

2. I’m Alive

Funkle George (Lliam Buckley, Willem Cowan, Keegan Marshall, Jack Phoenix, Aidan Wasse, feat. John Fellner and Ben Berardini)

Laurie Brown, host of CBC radio’s The Signal, heard this song and congratulated our students by saying, “AWESOME track. Way to go, guys!”

3. I See Fire

The Harmonies (Lliam Buckley, Jessica Corbett, Savaria D’Ippolito, Sabrina Rapacz)

Written by Ed Sheeran.

4. City Riot

Sarah Was Not Here (Lexi Baer, Greg Buckareff, Sarah Cabenda, Vince Greeson, Natalia Martin)

5. Saying Goodbye

Black, White and In Between (Zach Albert, Olenka Bak, Bailey Collins, Danny Ebo-Mensah, Derick Ebo-Mensah)

6. Chain of Fools

The Fools (Liam Attema, Ivan Denomme, Sabrynn Dugsin-Porchuk, John Lima, Brenton Wilcox)

Written by Don Covay.

7. Paper Plane

The Links (Saveria D’Ippolito, John Fellner, Matt Kopriva, Larry Mateo, Aidan Scott, feat. Ben Berardini)

8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rebecca Cartmell, Andrew Parr

Written by H. Arlen and E.Y. Harburg

9. Tight Spaces

Iggy Mulligan (Ben Berardini, John Fellner, Larry Mateo, Colleen Murphy, Jack Phoenix)

10. About You

Sarah Cabenda, feat. Lliam Buckley and Jared Brown.

11. Under the Hat

Sound of the Supercomputer (Connor Boyington, Willem Cowan, Keegan Marshall, Lennon Needham, Aidan Wasse)

12. Wake Me Up

Travae is Bae (Danika Malette, Victoria Morrish, Joeseph Panth, Emma Ruddock, Travae Williams)

Written by Avicii, Aloe Blacc and Mike Einziger

13. Arabesque

H.B. Beal Concert Band (Mr. Heidenheim, director)

Written by Sam Hazo

14. Thirty Six and a Half

Saxman Jazz Trio (Jacob Bauman, Connor Boyington, Andrew Jackson, Larry Mateo)

This recording was reviewed and critiqued by Joe Gilder, a music producer in Nashville, Tennessee, who also operates the Home Studio Corner website. He was impressed with the performance and song writing skills of Beal students.

15. Forever Man

Duck! (Kayla Dingwall, Mallory Forward, Addison Johnson, Nathan Stock)

16. Chronology

The Chronologists (Ben Berardini, Connor Boyington, Declan Fraher, Lennon Needham, Nigel Wooley)

17. Knights of Cydonia

Jared Brown (arranger and performer)

Written by Muse (Matthew Bellamy)

18. Without a Doubt

FACE (Kayla Dingwall, Declan Fraher, Matt Kopriva, Aidan Scott, Nathan Stock)

All songs on Rewind 2015 were performed, recorded and mixed by the artists and mastered by Andrew Parr. All songs are original compositions except where indicated.

You can find Studio225Beal on Facebook and YouTube. Photography by Andrew Parr and Jordan McLean. For more information about Studio 225 and the music production courses, contact Andrew Parr at

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