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Rewind 2016

Music from Studio 225

H.B. Beal Secondary School

London, Ontario

1. A Little More Love

Students of AMM 4M1

This project was entirely student-driven under the direction of our two student producers, Henry Firmston and Victoria Morrish. Every student in class had a hand in composing, performing, recording and mixing this song within a very tight timeframe (10 hours). They exceeded expectations by producing this catchy song with a strong message.

2. Home

MARBLEs (Leigha Bartholomew, Regan Luck, Mary Ann McVicar, Em Middleton, Ally Whitman, Bella Wolder); written by Drew Pearson and Greg Holden

3. Take My Hand

Spark Of Youth (Wychita Henricks, David Lima, Andrew Muller, Doug Wilding)

This group turned heads at the 2016 Variety Is concert where they gave a stellar live performance of this song.

4. Reaper’s Voice

VJZ (Zach Albert-French, Vincent Greeson, James Van Bussel)

5. Blame It On The Rain

Rhythm Prism (Ivan Denomme, John Lima, Brenton Wilcox)

6. Earthbound

Chum Buntleys (Connor Boyington, Willem Cowan, Henry Firmston, Keegan Marshall, Joey Panth)

7. For Now

Smaze (Sarah Cabenda, Vincent Greeson, Natalia Martin, Travae Williams)

8. Golden Arms

Dr. Burns and the Dr. Burns Boys (feat. Hannah) (Hannah Berger, Nigel Burns, Spencer DeKoker-Strack, Angus Earl, Ivan Ellis, Felix Mux Wahl)

9. Drive My Bot

Willem Cowan and Keegan Marshall; written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

This recreation of the Beatles classic was put together by Willem and Keegan in only a few days. They performed all the instruments and did an amazing job of capturing the sound of the original song.

10. Mash Up

The Mashed Potatoes (Liam Attema, Olenka Bak, Sabrynn Dugsin-Porchuk, Emma Ruddock, Travae Williams); Lemonade written by Jeremy Passion, Listen written by Henry Krieger, Scott Cutler, Anne Preven, and Beyoncé; Riptide written by James Keogh

11. Who Do You Voodoo?

Voodoo 2000 (Kyle Brown, Ivan Denomme, John Lima, Brenton Wilcox)

12. Thick And Thin

DDD (Avery Kinchlea, Danika Malette, Danny Mensah, Derick Mensah, John Lima)

13. Ride The Wave

VGZ (Zach Albert-French, Greg Buckareff, Vince Doxtator, Vincent Greeson)

14. S’Wonderful

Ragu (Connor Boyington, Henry Firmston, Keegan Marshall, Brenton Wilcox)

15. When Can We Love?

V (Lexi Baer, Danny Mensah, Derick Mensah, Travae Williams)

16. Kickin’ Smurfs

New Millennium (Lexi Baer, Kyle Brown, Willem Cowan, Ivan Denomme, James Van Bussel)

All songs on Rewind 2016 were performed, recorded and mixed by the artists and mastered by Andrew Parr. All songs are original compositions except where indicated. You can find Studio225Beal on Facebook and YouTube. Cover photo by Todd Cooper. For more information about Studio 225 and the music production courses, contact Andrew Parr at

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