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Rewind 2017

Music from Studio 225

H.B. Beal Secondary School

London, Ontario

1. Otherside

Written by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Performed and recorded by Red NOT Chili Peppers (Wychita Henricks, Caelan Holden, Eric Johnston, Andrew Muller, Dayna Vandevyvere, Doug Wilding)

2. Stars

Coastal (Grace Grant, Queena Liu, Alison Procknow, Fynn VanKerkoerle)

3. Mustang Sally

Written by Mack Rice

Performed by Doug Stewart

Recorded by Andrew Parr

4. Black Night

Huey Dugong and the Granite Countertop (Cole Brocksom, Brett Martin, Garnet Nichols, Ben Postma)

5. Runaway

Written by Aurora Aksnes, Magnus Skylstad

Performed and recorded by Traash (Regan Luck, Aaron McMillan, Dayna Vandevyvere, Doug Wilding)

6. We Can Work it Out

Written by Lennon & McCartney

Performed and recorded by The Accidentals (David Brown, Andrew Parr)

7. Sweatshirt

Brett Martin

8. Bonnie Ship the Diamond

Traditional Scottish

Performed and recorded by Watery Grave (Melvin Beaurone, Ben Hinds, Ray Howell, Aaron McMillan, Braeden Riemer, Camilo Portuondo)

9. Tear it Down

The Manhattan Project (Juan Giraldo, Alex Gorton, Lauren Kaminski, Book Kimber-Johnson, Jack O’Sullivan, Andrew Wood)

10. Floating By

GO7 (Siobhan Browning, Nigel Burns, Spencer DeKoker Strack, Angus Earl, Ray Howell, Felix Mux-Wahl)

11. Here’s to Us

MARBLEs (Leigha Bartholomew, Regan Luck, Mary Ann McVicar, Em Middleton, Ally Whitman, Bella Wolder)

12. I’ll Be Waiting

Written byAdele Adkins, Paul Epworth

Performed and recorded by Julia’s Shadow (Melvin Beaurone, Siobhan Browning, Ben Hinds, Julia Lorusso, Camilo Portuondo, Daniel Ring)

13. The Parting Glass

Traditional Scottish

Performed and recorded by The Parting Class (Ray Howell, Regan Luck, Aaron McMillan, Dayna Vandevyvere)

14. Smoke & Ashes

Band Name (Todd Cooper, Brennan Ireland, Daehan Kim, David & Jon Lima, Ryley Swatman, Nicole Wall)

15. Down

Down (Jimmy Houlton, James Lee, Hyunah Nam, Katy Scott, James Yang)

16. Toxic Garbage Island

Written by Gojira

Performed and recorded by King Ghidorah (Caelan Holden, Andrew Muller)

All songs on Rewind 2017 were mixed by Andrew Parr. All songs are original compositions except where indicated. You can find Studio225Beal on Facebook and YouTube. For more information about Studio 225 and the music production courses, contact Andrew Parr at

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