Escape The Mad Scientist's Lab


Escape The Mad Scientist's Lab


Since the apocalypse, things just haven't been going your way. You've lost all your worldly possessions, and have been trying to survive in your dystopian neighborhood with the few survivors you've managed to meet along the way. And your chances of survival keep getting slimmer, what with this new outbreak of Apocu-enza, a horrible virus which is fatal, and rapidly spreading. Luckily, a brilliant scientist works in your neighborhood, and he created the only known cure for Apocu-enza. Being a rather paranoid individual, he protected the formula in his lab behind a safe wall of codes and puzzles. Now that he has fallen victim to insanity, he has disappeared and left his antidote in his lab.  If you and your fellow survivors can work quickly, you can acquire the antidote before the virus infects you in 30 minutes.  

Difficulty: 8/10

Number of steps: 21

Number of players: 2-6

This package includes:

  • Walk-Through
  • Puzzle Guide
  • Checklist and Hints
  • Reset Checklist
  • Parts List
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This is a 30-minute escape game that was originally designed for a 100 sq. ft. trailer. It could also work well in a room in your escape facility. Several high resolution photographs with extended licenses are provided for you to use as clues in the game.

By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that the game requires four high-tech props. Photographs and thorough descriptions of the props are included in the documentation. NERD Inc. does not build props. The game documents include contact info for Bill Warner at who is the prop supplier for this game. While NERD Inc. is confident that Bill is competent and reliable,  we are in no way responsible for, or involved in, the installation, maintenance, support, payment, shipping or quality of the props.