Lost Teddy

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Cover photo with text 2.jpg

Lost Teddy


Your parents have gone out for supper and left your uncle to babysit you. You love when your uncle babysits because he’s fun and playful, not to mention good at making awesome puzzles and booby traps!

Your uncle knows that, ever since you were a little kid, you have always needed your teddy bear with you to fall asleep. To play a trick on you, your uncle hid Teddy somewhere in your play room.  Now your bed time has passed, and if your parents find you awake when they come home, you’ll be grounded.

Your parents should arrive home in approximately 30 minutes. That’s how much time you have to find Teddy and get to bed!


Difficulty: 5/10

Number of steps: 29

Number of players: 2-8

This package includes:

  • Walk-Through
  • Puzzle Guide
  • Checklist and Hints
  • Reset Checklist
  • Parts List


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This game requires some minor electrical work - one puzzle requires a box to be locked/unlocked with electromagnets, and another puzzle requires a light to be operated by a remote fob. Lost Teddy is designed for one room. This game incorporates many children's toys which will take up floor space, and so a room of approximately 200 square feet is recommended. This game includes extended licenses for many high resolution images (included) which you can use in your game room as puzzle clues at no extra cost!

Lost Teddy looks like another amazing room! I so look forward to using this room to promote younger birthday parties, field trips, and of course quality family time! Grateful to have run across your site when forming my business plan months ago!
-Ginger Gray Bunn, Alabama