The Glove Of Destiny

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Glove Of Destiny.jpg

The Glove Of Destiny


Local legend tells of a mysterious baseball glove. It is said that whoever wears this glove on the field is granted unmatched athleticism – to run faster, jump higher, and throw balls like a cannon. Nobody is sure anymore what this mysterious glove looks like, but rumors have recently surfaced that the glove may be in the collection of the travelling baseball museum. Now that the museum has come to your city, you decide to look for clues among the displays and artifacts. Your private tour of the museum ends in 45 minutes. If you’re on the ball, maybe you will be the one who can discover the Glove of Destiny.

Difficulty: 7/10

Number of steps: 37

Number of players: 2-6

This package includes:

  • Walk-Through

  • Puzzle Guide

  • Checklist

  • Hints

  • Reset Checklist

  • Parts List

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The Glove Of Destiny has been designed to be run in ONE ROOM. This is a low-tech game, 45 minutes in duration. It has been created to set up easily in any available space. It is quick to reset and tear down as needed.

This product includes a graphic design package unlike any other NERD game! Professionally designed baseball cards, posters, placards, and other high resolution images are included in the game which you will use in your game room as puzzle clues. So much work has been put in to the graphics of this game, you will find yourself saving money when it comes time to build the room and create the puzzles.