Since our launch in August 2015, we have sold over 600 products to customers in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. NERD owner, Andrew Parr, has been interviewed on CBC television’s The National, CBC radio, Popular Science magazine,, and numerous newspapers.

We must be doing something right, since our feedback and word-of-mouth is consistently very positive. Here is what some of our NERD friends are saying about us:

Our non-profit is focused on prevention of substance use by youth. We wanted an interactive activity to share awareness and you surpassed our expectations! It is wonderful how detailed the script is and perfectly laid out for us. All we have to do is go set it up! Thank you so much and when we need a new scenario, I will be in touch.

-Gwen Houston, Early County Family Connection and Literacy Task Force, GA, USA

We originally bought Helter Skelter and Quest For The Throne, we absolutely love them! Your amazing games have helped us be a 5 star ER across all social media networks! Thank you!!!

-Jason and Andrea Garza, San Antonio, TX, USA


What we loved most was the variety and challenge of the puzzles, which are more cohesive than any other escape room by far, making the whole experience more narrative... like a story that from start to finish actually makes sense.

-customer review of Quest For The Throne, Locked Adventures, San Diego, California, USA


The Houdini game has garnered a lot of interest on our social media, etc. Our first room is "backstage" and our second room is "dressing room with a seance area."  I'm probably biased, but I think they're looking pretty good.   I think you have a real winner with some very clever puzzles.

-Philip Huffman, Michigan, USA


Quest For The Throne is a perfectly linear game, with a wide range of puzzles, word, math, code-breaking, skill, physical. This game had them all. Each puzzle was perfectly solvable, and had great Ah-ha moments, the flow was wonderful in this room. The linearity really helps the flow and lets you know exactly where you’re heading to next, with all the pieces of the games coming together at the exact right time, it was a very satisfying room to play! The puzzles were all clever, and as there are so many different types of puzzle each player will get their chance to shine. A very well rounded game.

-Brit of An Escape Habit, UK escape room blog


I'm reading the Baker Street Mystery walk through and I want to stop and PLAY the room so badly! I don't want to know the answers because I want to figure them out! Loving it! Kinda ticked I haven't played a game like this. It's brilliant.

-Emery Lancaster, Louisiana, USA


Thank you for the update. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the room designs and to say how impressed we are with them. I also looked at the reviews on trip advisor for another room you have supplied to and the reviews are fantastic with lots of people saying they are the best rooms they have ever done and they've done quite a few. We cant wait to get going. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to purchasing many more rooms over the years.

-Carol Watson, UK


I just wanted to write to say thanks. We now operate 2 of your rooms, one at each location of our escape rooms. I wanted to let you know just how absolutely pleased we have been, not only with the quality/content/concepts of the rooms, but more so with the personalized service you provide. Long after you "made the sale," you send us revised content, and tips, and have handled any issues that have come up along the way with professionalism & integrity. I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about you as a person, and your concepts as a whole. Kudos Andy, we will be back for new designs as needed.  Thanks for your knowledge, guidance and support, through what could have been a nightmare!!!

-Brandi Copas, KS


Hey Andrew, just wanted to let you know I had my first few groups try out the Bank Heist. Went great and everyone loved the room. Will be buying my next room from you as well.

-Tom Anderson, ME


We would like to say thank you so much for your design. The Bank Heist design is absolutely crafty, thoughtful and full of effort.

-Ren Haibin, Canada


Lost Teddy looks like another amazing room! I so look forward to using this room to promote younger birthday parties, field trips, and of course quality family time! Grateful to have run across your site when forming my business plan months ago!

-Ginger Gray Bunn, AL


Escape Games ApS in Aarhus, Denmark are working hard on several NERD rooms in an effort to launch soon. So we really don't need any distractions ;)
But we had to get Lost Teddy as well. And what a great room this is going to be. It's fun for children and not very complicated to build. Thanks Andy!

-Jan Mikkelsen, Denmark


We went through your puzzles as a team, and we are quite pleased to have made this investment. Your documentation is several degrees of magnitude better than others we have now seen. Baker Street Mystery and Bank Heist have been working out great. We have been open for about 6 weeks and the response to the games has been very good. I am very happy to have worked with you, and hopefully the opportunity will present itself again in the future.

-CLU TKU, Finland


The Bank Heist package worked great for my large group of 71, and Andy was incredibly helpful in answering my many questions and customizing the package for our specific room requirements. It was the perfect opportunity to teach my group larger lessons of teamwork, resourcefulness, being detail oriented, and larger strategy. I'm looking forward to replicating this experience again for future groups.

-Megan H., NY


We're a small city of 45,000 and one group that tried to escape told us that we're very comparable to those in bigger cities and loved it. Our first week was a huge success. Thank you.



The room that Andy designed (Helter Skelter) has not only been successful, but escape room veterans have commented about how they appreciate the intricate details to the 'puzzles' themselves.  I would highly recommend NERD to anyone and will be using him again in the near future!



I just bought a set of puzzles from Andrew Parr and am really really happy. We get the freedom to decorate our rooms however we like but didn't have to spend months developing top-notch puzzles. I highly recommend him!

-Liz Blais, SD


We got the Bank Heist for Greece... I can say that it became a very-very clever escape room with a high difficulty and beautiful puzzles.

-G.M., Greece


I'd like to say your passion alone is compelling enough for someone to want to work with you over another game designer. Also, I really appreciate you keeping the competitive prices.

-Z.S., via email


My experience with Andy has been outstanding. I will admit that getting to meet him in person allows for a lot of trust to be developed quickly. However, I can assure you that everyone should feel comfortable doing business with him - he is professional, passionate, and will ensure that you receive the best possible support and service as you install your game. I have worked with Andy on two separate games now (one is yet to open) and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. His puzzle concepts are creative and interesting; often more challenging than many others I have come across, but can easily be tailored to your needs. Sharing enthusiasm with someone so creative and positive about escape rooms has made all the difference!

I have lots more to share, so please feel free to ask Andy for my contact info if you'd like to talk about something more specific. Good luck, Andy and I look forward to working with you again very soon.



Andy's puzzle design skills are impressive. He works very quickly and has delivered well thought out games that are lots of fun. He's been a pleasure to deal with and makes modifications as needed to suit our requests. Can't recommend him enough and we look forward to a long-term relationship with NERD Inc.

-Mishkin Derakhshan, MAUI ESCAPE ROOMS


  Andrew Parr has been a valued contributor to our magazines since 2011. His well-rounded abilities and knowledge base allow him to skillfully construct a wide range of puzzle types. His talent shines brightest in his puzzle series, in which the solutions to each individual puzzle feed into a metapuzzle. As I often say, Andrew “gets it”: His puzzle series begin with a compelling narrative. The puzzles themselves are a balanced mix of wordplay, logic, math, and trivia. They challenge the solver yet are accessible and inviting, eliciting much positive feedback from solvers. 

Andrew is very pleasant to work with. He reliably meets deadlines, and is always available to answer questions, review changes, and do whatever else is needed. I enjoy working with Andrew because he makes my job easy. The material he sends me is always edited, test-solved, and practically ready for publication. His energy and enthusiasm comes through in his puzzles, and he is willing to experiment with new ideas and formats. In short, he’s everything I ask for in a constructor.

-Jennifer Orehowsky, Senior Editor, GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES


"As a long-time (very satisfied) subscriber, I've never before felt moved to write you about any particular feature. That changed with the December 2015 issue. Andrew Parr's "Escape From the Mysterious Shrine" was the single-best puzzle I've ever seen published! He captured the feel of a room escape game perfectly, which I would not have thought possible in a non-interactive environment. The puzzles were very clever. Hopefully I'll be able to look forward to similar puzzles in future issues!"

-DS, San Jose, CA (letter to the editor of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES)


Andy’s immense love for challenging mind puzzles and brain teasers was evident since we met, boasting about awesome ideas and puzzles he couldn’t wait to explain. As an escape room owner I too shared a divine interest in anything created to challenge peoples intellect, and was excited to hear fresh ideas I had yet to consider. The focus on synergy really put the ideas over the top - while still maintaining a fantastic use of traditional puzzles, the use of realistic props and decor that surrounded each puzzle or idea really set our room apart from others; everything just fit! We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of what Andy brought to the table, his passion and creativity is also evident by analyzing his use of in depth storylines, created as if though Andy himself were walking through the plot - anticipating each and every step. What made it better was that he incorporated his plot characters into the storylines, implying that each puzzle demanded the attention of more than just one person if success was expected. The room design left us feeling as if though we were actually trapped in a scenario we had to escape, and that, in essence, defines a great escape room.

We look forward to Andy's insight and profession in the future!



Puzzle master! Escape room guru! These are just a few of the many intriguing descriptions of Andy Parr. He has been designing and creating puzzles at a variety of challenge levels for many years. Having enjoyed Andy’s puzzles, I asked him if he would be interested in sharing his skills with a group of gifted and talented students. Andy’s expertise with puzzle design translated into an engaging and challenging session.

Andy’s love for puzzles has given him a depth of knowledge which led him to explore one of the newest, incredibly exciting game and puzzle challenges – escape rooms! With Andy’s passion for puzzles and games it should not be surprising that he is the title holder of many record times in all of the local escape rooms. What began as a fun way to spend time with friends melded with his love of puzzle design and Andy began designing escape rooms of his own.

As the Director of Student Activities, I am always looking for fun new ideas for our Activities and Leadership program. I discussed the idea of creating a themed escape room as a fundraising activity which we could offer to our students and the local community and over the course of a weekend, Andy came back with a fully designed room. At the end of five days he had designed a second room complete with all puzzles, a list of all required props, solutions and potential additions for future rooms.

Andy is a funny, personable, and dedicated professional. I have enjoyed working with him on every project we have shared and I look forward to future adventures!

-Lori Armstrong, Director of Student Activities and Gifted Contact, H. B. Beal Secondary School