The folks at N.E.R.D. love writing puzzles. We have prepared a variety of puzzle series that can easily be developed into escape rooms.

Every puzzle series you buy from N.E.R.D. comes with the following pdf files:

  • WALK-THROUGH: a journey through your escape room from the players' perspective, including a suggested floor plan, the back story, and every puzzle (and red herring) from start to finish, with detailed explanations and illustrations;

  • PUZZLE GUIDE: a breakdown of how to understand and create every puzzle in the series;

  • CHECKLIST AND HINTS: a step-by-step checklist to help you monitor players' progress, paired with a list of hints for every step of the game;

  • RESET CHECKLIST: When it's time to reset your room for the next group of players, this list will ensure you do everything in the right order;

  • PARTS LIST: a shopping list for all required items. If you already have a decent prop storage room at your facility, you likely have most of the items you will need.

Unlike other escape room design companies, we WON'T come to your site and build your room for you. As an owner of an escape room franchise, you are likely competent with construction, or know people who can do construction for you. We can offer you a puzzle series at a very competitive price if you are able to provide the basic construction that can be reasonably expected for an escape room makeover. 

Some of our rooms require high-tech elements to make the puzzles work. We also have low-tech versions of these puzzles if you aren't tech-savvy. 

If you have any questions about whether our products are right for you, please contact us!